Summer Safety

Water Safety

The recent hot weather has encouraged young people to cool off in water. Unsuitable rivers and quarries hide dangers below, not taking into accounts the hazards of freezing cold water and currents.

Below are some useful links regarding water safety.

Sun Safety

The Teenage Cancer Trust found that nearly two-thirds (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan. As the weather gets hotter in the UK, we need to be more knowledgeable about keeping safe in the sun than ever before.

The damage done to young skin can lead to skin cancer developing in later life, so it’s vital to help young people protect themselves in the sun.

Below are some useful links regarding sun safety.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has an article about creating a school sun exposure policy, in conjunction with Alderley Edge School for Girls, in Cheshire.