Free school meals and lunch menu

Free school meals and lunch menus

If you are the parent/carer of a child in a Redcar school, your child may qualify for free school meals.

School meals information

We use a cashless catering system that allows students to pay using their thumbprints and Parent Pay. Revaluation pay points are located outside the dining hall and at the tills.

Any amount of money can be paid into a  student's account and any money spent on food and drink will be deducted on a daily basis. Coin and note payments can be made at the pay-points to top up their thumbprint. We encourage all students to have money added to their accounts through Parent pay.

A daily 'spend limit' of £5.00 will be programmed into the system. This can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the school finance office. As per the current legislation, we operate an 'opt out' policy. If you want to opt-out you will be required to complete a form. If you choose not to have your child registered on the biometric system, a 4 digit PIN code will be allocated. Please note that the PIN codes do not have the same level of security and it will be your child's responsibility to remember the code and to keep it secure at all times.

Lunch menu from September 2021: Weeks 1 - 4