School uniform

School uniform

At Rye Hills Academy, our school uniform is an important expression of our pride in our school. Regardless of background or ability, wearing a smart school uniform promotes equality and a feeling of community. We ask that everyone, students, parents and carers, help to ensure that our school dress code is always observed.

Blazers Must be worn in the building at all times. Blazers can be removed in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher. No other outdoor clothing may be worn in the building.
Ties College colours must be worn at all times. Ties must be worn at a length no less than 30 centimetres and be pulled tight to the collar rather than hanging loosely. Clip-on ties are also available.
Shirts Should be long or short-sleeved white shirts with top button fastened. If the top button is missing, the tie must be fastened in a way to make it appear that the top button is fastened. Fitted blouses or blouses with a collar are unsuitable for wearing a tie.



Jumpers are dark grey, V-neck jumpers with school our logo.

For boys: Must be black ‘suit style' trousers. They cannot be pinstriped, denim, corduroy, combat or skinny-leg styles.

For girls: Must be smart, ‘suit style' black trousers. They cannot be pinstriped, denim, corduroy, leggings, combat or skinny-leg styles.

Skirts Must be black, knee-length skirts, plain or pleated. They cannot be tight, stretchy lycra material. No culottes are permitted.
Belts Must be plain black with a plain buckle.
Socks Must be black or grey. Girls may wear plain white socks when wearing a skirt.
Tights Must be plain black. No patterned tights are permitted.
Shoes Must be plain black and able to be polished. Shoes with logos, boots, trainers or plimsolls are not permitted.

Other uniform rules:

Bags must be large enough to hold an A4 folder.

Hair must not be an extreme colour or style.

Hair accessories: Plain, narrow hair bands and plain slides and bobbles are permitted. However, Flowers, bows or wide hair bands are not acceptable.

Jewellery: A watch and one charity band is permitted, however, we do not allow earrings, necklaces, chains, body piercings, bracelets anklets and rings.

Makeup: Discreet makeup is allowed. Clear nail varnish may be worn but must be removed for catering classes. We do not allow coloured nail varnish, false eye lashes and fake tan.

Where to buy

Our blazer, tie and jumper can only be purchased from Quickastitch, 19 West Terrace, Redcar, Cleveland, TS10 1DP - 01642 487 720 

P.E. Kit


The compulsory PE kit at Rye Hills consists of:

  • Black/orange reversible games shirt or black/orange polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Black/orange long socks
  • Trainers
  • Shin pads and football boots to be worn when necessary
  • Trainers or plimsoles for dance/yoga/gymnastics/trampoline

The following may be worn on top of the compulsory kit in the event of very poor weather conditions.

  • Black/orange hoody
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms.

We strongly recommend that all items be clearly and permanently marked with the pupil’s name.

Orders can be placed with Motif8


Each of our school blazers saves 46 plastic bottles from landfill! Our blazers are made with RE-VIVE fabric - an innovative, eco friendly material produced by Trutex. 

Here’s how it works...

  • Plastic bottles are shredded into ‘flakes’ and heated to make the material workable (known as the depolymerisation process). 
  • The flakes undergo further complex heating processes to form recycled chips which are then put through a special machine to form a fine polyester yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

... and voilá, our school blazers are ready to be worn, helping to save the planet!