1,000 house point milestone!

Date Published:
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Drumroll, please 🥁

This morning it was our absolute pleasure to award Year 8, Cassie, with her prizes for being the first ever student to achieve 1000 House points!🤩 This is an outstanding accolade and something we are so proud of.

Cassie has tirelessly yet effortlessly demonstrated the Rye Hills Values on a daily basis, from setting up the Green Team to creating in house rewards. She demonstrates admirable character and is a role model to all.

When asked what she thought would be a good prize for 1000 points her modest reply was ‘a book’ as she is also a keen reader, taking part in all our reading challenges. Cassie was applauded by her year group this morning as Mr Zaheer handed her the first ever gold badge and her certificate. At break time Cassie chose her prizes which included multiple books and vouchers. Well done Cassie, you are a shining example to all!⭐ 

1000 house points