Rye Hills - 35


At Rye Hills we recognise not only the importance of allowing students to flourish academically but we also embrace our wider role in preparing them for their adult life beyond the formal examined curriculum.

We recognise the important role we play in nurturing young people alongside a multitude of other influencing factors including family, culture, religion, and friendships. We strive to strengthen positive influences and values which young people need today to be able to succeed in an ever changing multicultural and multi-faith Britain. We do not consider SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) and British Values as an add on to the curriculum but an intrinsic part of every student’s education at the academy from Year 6 induction through to those leaving in Year 11 to further education and beyond, so they are as prepared as possible for life in modern Britain.

SMSC is taught in curriculum subjects and is integral to daily academy life as evident in the attached overview.