George Rowbotham

George left Rye Hills School in 2009 and is currently studying BA (Hons) fashion atelier and working freelance by creating original made-to-measure eveningwear.

George said: "Since leaving school, I went on to complete a BTEC in fashion and clothing at Cleveland College of Art and Design. There, I realised the realities of the fashion industry, and while it was nothing like the Devil Wears Prada, college did give me the foundation skills of several areas in the fashion industry. 

I enjoyed the production aspect more than the design and illustration. I've always loved making and creating things so sewing has since become my niche. I also think it's important to consider the realities of the job market, and to consider what skill would be most useful in progressing to a degree and eventually securing a job. The production sector of any industry is a challenging and very intense work experience, however, I realised it is where a lot of the careers are so I decided to train on this root. 

After I graduated CCAD I went on to study BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier at UCA Rochester. The course came highly recommended by my college tutors as a programme that offers a better emphasis on the cut and construction of clothing, as opposed to a Fashion Design course, which is obviously design and trend-based. I jumped at the opportunity to join the course preceding my offer from UCA. Since I joined almost three years ago, I have been tutored by highly regarded industry figures and have specialised in corsetry, eveningwear and women's tailoring.

Nearing the end of second year, I was required to embark on a work placement. These are common on any university course and though they are not mandatory, I would strongly advise anyone to take internship opportunities. As anyone working person will tell you, experience is key in any job and it is often where you learn the real trade skills. It can also offer amazing employment opportunities, as such happened to me over the summer of 2013 as I was coming to the end of my work placement at the London Haute Couture house, Ralph & Russo. I remember being devastated about the thought of returning to university in September and leaving the company to complete my degree, until I was offered a full time job with the company at the end of August. I hastily took a gap year and joined the team of seamstresses as a full time employee. It was the riskiest yet best decision I have ever made and I do not regret delaying my education to gain the experience and knowledge made available to me through my job. 

The company specialises in made-to-measure haute couture evening, cocktail and bridal wear, exclusively designed by creative Director Tamara Ralph, someone I have followed for years as a design inspiration. I couldn't possibly list the skills and techniques I have learned from working under Tamara and her team of seamstresses and pattern cutters. The experiences have been unforgettable and undeniably beneficial. By way of my work experience and my degree, which I will now receive next year, I have laid a very strong foundation for myself and my future in the industry.

Being with Ralph & Russo, creating purely beautiful clothes, travelling to Paris to show collections at Couture Fashion Week and learning a new trick everyday has now changed the course of my career and my life and I would like to give some of that experience back to the women who are looking for something original, tailored and extra special. I am well versed in the core skills of couture sewing and dressmaking. I have a strong background in alterations, garment fittings and fashion design also. Being mentored in Haute Couture, I am extremely detail-orientated and dedicated to surpassing customer expectation, from 'on-show' decorative techniques to the discreet modifications that enhance the wearer's experience. I always find that the extra steps taken are cumulative and serve to produce a more superior product.

You can book a consultation with me in which we can create something unique and tailored to you for a percentage of the couture prices!"

If you would like more information or to book a consultation e-mail: [email protected]