Rye Hills 2021

Welcome to Rye Hills Academy

As Executive Headteacher, I am delighted to welcome you to Rye Hills Academy. At Rye Hills, we are in the privileged position of helping to shape young lives, a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe in children and all staff are committed to ensuring that they are able to engage in quality teaching and learning experiences within a happy, safe and caring environment.

Rye Hills Academy is sponsored by the North East Learning Trust and I am working in my capacity as Deputy Chief Executive of the Trust to lead the school in becoming outstanding.

We are entering a new and exciting time for the school where I have big ambitions for our students and know that all staff are committed to delivering a shared vision of excellence for every child every day. 

The North East Learning Trust delivers rapid improvements across our schools. Our most recent success was at Teesdale School and Sixth Form which moved from ‘requiring improvement’ to ‘outstanding’ in just three years thanks to the hard work of staff and students and the support of the local community. 

With the recent period of uncertainty for Rye Hills now behind us, I hope that sponsorship by the Trust and our proven track record of success will give you the confidence to choose Rye Hills Academy for your child. 

Please take a look around this new website that will hopefully introduce you to the opportunities available to your son or daughter, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or to visit us in person.

Toni Spoors
Executive Headteacher and Deputy CEO of North East Learning Trust

Our community

Rye Hills Academy is proud to play our part in the local community with students taking an active role in the wider communities of Redcar, Teesside and the world beyond.

Over the last few years, our students have helped to raise a significant sum of money for a wide range of charities and good causes, helping people in the UK and abroad. These include The Smiles Foundation, Remembering Rebecca, Comic Relief, The Junction, Food Bank, Teenage Cancer Trust, Children in Need and others. The thing that has impressed us most is that often it is the students themselves that are the driving force behind fundraising and creating ideas and plans to support causes of their choice. The charitable side of our students is truly amazing!

In addition to fundraising, our music department has provided entertainment to some of Redcar’s old-age pensioners. Many of our after-school activities such as music, sport, film, catering and drama, offer students the chance to share their skills and interests with young people and adults from outside of the school. This experience of the wider world leaves students better placed to be active citizens when they leave our school.

At Rye Hills we engage with the wider community by offering use our premises to a number of organisations including sports teams, martial arts organisations, a slimming club, keep fit clubs, craft activities and various other leisure pursuits.

Our Friends Association arranges events throughout the year which are open to the community. We welcome the opportunity to get involved with the local community and we would like to hear from you if you have any ideas of how we can join in.